Serve With Us

Volunteers may sign up with our connections team which will route volunteers to the appropriate directors. Sign up is usually available following service.


Hospitality Ministry

Responsible for ensuring that those who walk through our doors have an experience they will never forget.


New Members

Is about getting our new candidates prepared for membership.


Men’s and Women’s Ministry

Organizes events that encourage gender specific spiritual growth and relationships. 


Student Ministry

Focuses on providing our children a firm spiritual foundation and teaches them how to be and live like Christ.


Parking Lot

Makes sure traffic flows smoothly upon arrival and departure from services. Our first line of spiritual defense. 


Worship and Arts Dept.

Ministers the Gospel through song or visual arts (dance or drama) while inviting and encouraging the congregation to engage in an intimate worship with God. 



Ensures we provide the safest environment for all who attend weekly worship services, meetings or special events.


Audio Visual

 Provides quality audio and visual media during worship service and spread the Gospel to those who can’t physically attend service via media outlets.